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Whitewater River Rafting Trips

Whitewater RaftingRafting trips on whitewater rivers are usually taken with an experienced guide to help navigate the raft through the rapids, maneuvering the inflatable raft with paddles or oars. On some lower class whitewater, you may rent a raft and paddle your own trip. Some guided rafting trips are run with motorized rafts mostly on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona. America Outdoors’ members provide a variety of rafting trips on various rivers throughout the world. Rafting trips on rivers with Class III or lower rapids are popular with families. A multi-day rafting trip can be one of the most enjoyable family vacations because you escape the distractions of modern day life and spend quality time participating in activities that appeal to the entire family. It’s not just a rafting experience, but a whole new world of fun with time for fishing, hiking, and learning about history, ancient cultures and the environment. There are even mild rafting trips for families with school age children. Children particularly enjoy playing in the sand, exploring under the rocks along the river and spying on wildlife in their natural environment. Rafting rivers with lots of Class IV and Class V rapids are for more adventuresome rafters. These are general guidelines. Ask your outfitter which rafting trips are appropriate for your skill level and the age groups involved.

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