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Whitewater Rafting Options

Whitewater Rafting Options Whitewater Rafting Options
Whitewater rafting options include paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks, oar-powered rafts and motorized rafts on larger western rivers. In paddle-powered whitewater rafting, you actively participate in navigating the rapids with a guide calling out paddling instructions. “Back on the right, forward on the left”, for example, to make a right hand spin or turn to set up for the next rapid. “All ahead forward” to power through a breaking wave. Whitewater rafting is fun and exciting when you are helping provide the power. And you don’t have to be Hercules to do it. Many families enjoy these whitewater rafting trips each year enjoying experiences that bring them closer together.

In fact, America Outdoors conducted research with Pennsylvania State University in 2002 and discovered that most of the participants in whitewater rafting first reason for participating in the activity is to enhance social relationships. There is something special about the team building and camaraderie that flows naturally from a whitewater trip. The research found that only about 30% of participants’ primary motivation for taking a whitewater rafting trip was the thrill of the participating in the sport. It is not uncommon for 60% to 70% of some whitewater rafting participants on some rivers to be made up of families, church, business or social groups.

Use as the resource to launch your next whitewater rafting adventure. Click on any state or activity to find a whitewater rafting outfitter or river that meets your expectation. Give the outfitter a call. If you have questions about their level of professionalism, ask for references of people in your area who've been on their trip.

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