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AOA 2011 Conference a Success
December 19th 2011

What Inspiration Did You Get at the AOA Conference?

AOA's conference in Reno was by all accounts a great success.  Thanks to all of you who made it possible through your attendance and support for the exhibitors at the event.  We'll get the pictures on Facebook soon and have special video on the website.  Here is one attendees account, "I wanted to thank you for an excellent, efficiently-run, instructive, useful, inspiring, and fun conference!  You and the gang have got it figured out!  Thanks for making it a good week for everyone.  I'm hoping to get a van full of mid-level NOC Department Heads to Daytona next year, so they can get re-inspired about customer service, etc.  John Burton, CFO, Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Did something at the conference inspire you?  Submit your remarks and ideas for Daytona Beach, December 4 - 6 on the America Outdoors Association Facebook page.

We have Joseph Michelli's presentation as well as several others. If you want a copy please send an email to


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