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Outdoor Trips Outdoor trips are active travel spent during a vacation off the beaten path. America Outdoors’ members provide various outdoor trips across the world, which you can find by clicking on the map on Examples of outdoor trips are whitewater rafting, tours and treks, mountain biking, cycling tours, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, camping, dude and guest ranch vacations, mountain climbing, fly fishing trips, wildlife tours, whale watching tours, and horseback riding. Depending on geographical locations, different types of outdoor trips are offered in different locations and at different times of the year. For example, whitewater rafting trips are very popular in the United States in the summer, available in Central America year around and in South America in December through March. Hiking trips are popular in New England and the western U.S. and include stays in inns or camping options for those seeking more economical travel options. Horse lovers will enjoy ranch vacations or a summer horsepack trip. Outdoor trips can last for a day to a month. All the equipment and meals are provided on most outdoor trips. On some trips you may be required to rent a portion of the equipment.

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